The Nippon Exlibris Association for fisae portal


The Nippon Exlibris Association  (as of 2020)

founded 1943
membership : Members group A: 162,   Members group B: 96

●Annual membership fee :
      [A] Members ¥4,000
      [B] Members ¥3,000
(Members benefit)
      [A] and [B] Members have Periodicals: 2 newsletters and 2 memos.
      [A] Members have The Illustrated Catalogue of the Nippon Exlibris Calendar 2015-2020.

●Available Publications with the prices. The postage is extra.
      Katsunori Hamanishi Exlibris Catalogue Raisonne 1986-2003   ¥1,000 yen
      The European Golden Age Exlibris by Cliff Parfit(English and Japanese)   ¥1,000 yen
      Pearls of Asia: Catalogue of Woodcut Exlibris for the 34th FISAE Congress in Finland, 2012   ¥1,000 yen
      The Illustrated Catalogue of the Nippon Exlibris Calendar 1943-2014, published in 2016   ¥1,500 yen 
      The 36 Modern Japanese Copper Bookplate Artists, published in 2017   ¥1,000 yen

●Web site :

      ・Address :  Ryusho Bldg. 3rd fl., 1-15-11 Dogenzaka  Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Japan
      ・Tel. & Fax : +81-3-6416-9264

      ・e-mail :

      ・President :  Ichigoro UCHIDA  

      ・Overseas Secretary :   Masahito SAKAMOTO

      ・Treasurer : Akira WACHI

      ・Adviser : George SEKINE

      ・Webmaster : Masami SHIRAISHI

Samples of The NEA Newsletter (Nos.175(July, 2021),174,173 ,171,170,166-158)

Sample of The NEA Memo (No.16)